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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 25, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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mountain reflecting sunlight into the town that lies between two high valley peaks. a local artist says this will be quote good for the pale little children in his town. >> thank you for watching. >> have a great weekend here is gretchen. >> today on the real story. tgif, hhf secretary says the people calling for her to resign are quote people who i don't work for. but doesn't she work for all of us? we are going to ask the congressman where she was yesterday instead of testifying in dc. plus which companies are stepping up to help our returning troops. the woman running here as the mistress takes the stand today and the tests are in as the mystery babies tests are in
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and baby lisa's parents are responding. new promises from a top obama care official who says that the issues with the website will be fixed in november. ed henry is live for us at the white house. now we have another solid date. you think that they might learn from this. you remember october first. >> reporter: there are people in the president's own party now. as you know, they were under great appreciapress usual then republicans around october first was when ted cruz that led to the government shut down. he was pressuring for changes to the government shut down. they wanted to go full speed
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ahead. and more importantly perhaps there is not just pressure from republicans. today, she now has ten senate democrats at least who want some changes to the law starting they say with extending the enrollment deadline beyond march 31st. could that lead to changes as well to the individual mandate? we will see. not a lot of democrats saying that. bottom line today, he sort of the point man right now to fix the website. he says he now has a punch lili and they are moving forward and think that they will have it up and running by november. secretary acknowledged that it has not all gone muth smoothly. >> brand new site. and not a lot of money and so
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far we didn't acknowledge that. now there will be updates on a regular basis. it is far from optimal. >> last night the secretary was defiant in suggesting that she is not going to step down. that the republicans that are calling for her to be fired are not people that she works for. one of the republicans that is pressuring the republicans at that hou that house hearing said he is going to have a lot of questions on wednesday when she is scheduled to testify. >> obama care is going to be hugely expensive and it is not going to save money it is going to cost money. if we can't get it right, let's repeal it. interesting though that he announced that the contractor who will be overseeing the
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website is the company that has been handling the data hub for the website and was one of the companies that was grilled yesterday from the hearing. he asked whether he had enrolled yet and he said he tried but it didn't work for him yet either. they will be in charge of fixing the website. maybe they are doing that part of it grattis now. >> in the meantime the calls are growing for the health and human services secretary to remain. one resort saying there are more than 30 members of congress calling for her to step down. the majority of people calling for me to resign i would say are people who i don't work for. >> arizona congressman is one of the lawmakers calling for her to
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resign. does she work for you? >> actually she works for the american people just as i do. and let's face it, in that one comment you understand the blind loyalty to president obama and the blind loyalty and trying to do what's right to the american people. i find it interesting she kept blaming the volume of the number of people trying to get online. i thought they debunked that. >> obviously the secretary is a couple of days behind on the talking points. the administration has moved away from that. that was the talking point until that was exposed that that wasn't true. the secretary hasn't gotten that talking point's memo yet. >> how you set are you that she came to an obama care website
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call center in phoenix instead of being on capital hill to testify. the excuse was she was too busy and there were other things on her schedule. this administration have had a world of it is a marketing game. this is politics all the time out of this administration. this is one of the few testifies where they have to provide something. they are growing up and realizing, hey, politics isn't just policy. she come to my state and does the pitch but isn't willing to meet and explain what the solution is going to be. >> i thought it was ironic that she was visiting call sceptere n centers. did you find that ironic? >> gretchen, the irony keeps on
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piling on and on. wait until a month from now that the real problem isn't the upfront stuff it is how this is going to destroy the insurance market and the health coverage in the country and you are starting to see the number of americans getting the notices and coverage. in the meantime, one thing you didn't know about congressmonaa david -- >> i've lost the audio. >> i'm going to tell the one thing. he likes to visit asia. that was the one thing he wanted you to know about him. more call out some are
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breaking away. could it be to help their chances for re-election? hi, carl. >> well, the obama care roll out and it has been a debacle for democrats and knocked the shut down fall out out of the headlines. ten democrats have already kind of blinked. he demanded an expansion and since then nine others have joined here that they all opposed. and mark prior of arkansas is probably the mostvil vulnerabled he is getting hammered.
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>> lately he's gotten more extreme. he voted against any delays in obama care but when he had the chance to stop the special deal for members of congress he voted no. with mark prior it is obama care for everyone else but not for him. there are democrats who are not up torfor re-election. they are talking about actual delays. joe mansion the moderate is co sponsors legislation that would delay the individual mandate for a year. you look at the 17 days of the shut down and compare that to how many days that we are going to be watching these critical roll out stories. the critical stories are going to last longer than 17 days. the discussion is going to
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continue well beyond that. the gop needs to pick up six seats it is not going to be easy. democrats would need to win at least 17 seats and that is harder than republicans winning six seats in the senate. >> thank you for breaking down the numbers for us. we want to hear from you. e-mail us at the real story. tweet us and we will read your tweets and e-mails at the end of the show. >> ahead the white house in damage control mode after claims that the white house spied on world leaders. and more drama on capitol hill after they reportedly accuse a top house republican of insulting the president to his face but did it really happen? ♪ i'm so happy that i can't stop
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japan officials have issued a tsunami warning. right now we are watching that closely to see if any warnings will be coming this way the first would be in whoo-hwh hawa suspect opening fire in a national guard armory just outside of the base. two national guard workers sufferi ining non life tlet ehr
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threatening injuries. new concerns about lop sided obama care enrollment after a cbs report showing that more people are signing up for medicaid. that trend could threaten the program's structure. which depends ony people buying insurance. hi good to see both of you. >> so how are you going to defend this? >> how can it be done? in the state of washington, 87% of the people who signed up for anything are signing up for medicaid. >> in kentucky 82%. new york 64%. they are signing up for free medicaid. >> reports of the death of obama care are greatly exaggerated.
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conservatives are overplaying their hand. i understand those are the numbers. it is a new program. we know the website has not been working properly. until that happens you can't have a good read on it. it is working for people to sign up for the free things. >> it is too hard to have a read out on a program that has just started. >> it was reported on by cbs news. even the liberal media is reporting on it. this thing is a disaster. of course they are going to sign up for medicaid. many are going to go the route of going full time it is a disaster. isn't the linchpin with this that you need enough healthy people enrolling because they are paying into the system to
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take care of the elderly people? could mike have a point? >> by your own admission. i go back to my earlier statement, i don't think the metrics have been in, conservatives like mike here want to declare it dead and not working. let's separate between that policy itself from implementation and the website failures. >> let me do anal gi heogy here. when people want to buy an apple product they line up for hours. >> that is because the apple website works. >> it is a known quantity. this is going to take time for junger people to be persuaded that it is in their best i
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interests. >> so the persuasion period is still going on. >> 500,000. >> good luck getting to 7 million. it has only been around for two weeks. they have released numbers to 500,000. >> this has to do with the spat going on with senator durban and senator reid. whether he said i cannot even stand to look at you during the shut down and that actually happened here. >> and that is on record. >> the jay carney walked this back saying this happened and he said no it didn't happen. >> gretchen somebody is a bold faced liar here. he said how can we deal with republicans who are of the ill
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to say i can't stand to look at your face? >> this shows how vicious and slimily these guys can be? own up? wait a minute, who is it that called obama a liar in the state of the union address who did that? >> both sides do it. okay. but should he apologize. should senator durba nxn apolog? >> i believe it was -- >> pete sessions has gone on the record saying he did not make the comment. >> fine, i don't know the truth. >> it is a vicious ugly lie. >> we know that nobody would make a vicious ugly statement towards barack obama because they love him so much. we can't even talk to these
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people. >> who called him a liar in public? that makes it okay. >> well both sides do it but we were talking about this issue at hand because it was the most recent. allen mike, have a great weekend can you shake hands before we go? >> i don't want to look at his face. >> shocking new details in the killing of the beloved schoolteacher. >> and the results are in on the identity of the mystery girl found living in a gypsy camp in greece. the parents of baby lisa are responding. glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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welcome back. dna tests confirming a bulgarian
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couple are the biological parents of the girl known as maria. it led the parents of the missing girl lisa irwi nn to ise a statement. brand new details in the brutal killing of a high school teacher. trace gallagher has hthis story for us. >> we have new information from the students who are in the math class. he was drawing in class when the teacher said i didn't know you could draw. she asked him to stay after
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class to help him with a test. another student said she walked by the class an hour after school got out and phillip was sitting there looking totally normal. he then followed her into a bathroom, beat her, and sliced her with a box cutter. and then he was seen pushing a dumpster out of the hall. he skipped soccer practice telling teammates he had something to do. he then went to a movie and was seen around midnight. >> he was like social. i used to talk to him ask him where he is from what is he like how is it and then the last couple of weeks he has been quiet. he draws a lot and listens to music and doesn't participate in
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class that much. the flag at school is flying at half-staff. many students who loved the teacher say it is very hard to come back. >> it is scary and sad because she was so nice and it was so horrible and it was a horrible way to die and there were people in the school and no one knew what was happening. >> very tough on a lot of kids. the suspect phillip chism will be tried as an adult. bombshell report on nsa spying sending shock waves throughout the world. one state's top law enforcer coming under fire after he is photographed at a teenaged
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ur . welcome back. iraq wants to use drones to
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battle al qaeda. but iraq says they need them right now. pirates have kidnapped americans. they were taken from a ship flying off the coast on wednesday. the olympic flame breaking a speed record a nuclear power russian ice breaker taking the flame from a russian port. and the air force academy incoming ca deadets no longer h to say "so help me god" when taking the oath. guardian newspaper reporting that governments from nsa leaker
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ed snowden show the agency tracked the records of several world leaders. >> we are reviewing the way that we gather the intelligence. we are discussing the reports that cause tension directly with the countries ip involy ies inv are going to continue to do that. hi james. >> reporter: good afternoon. theion unaeuropean ally seekin seek restraints. >> what snowden is doing and what the newspapers is doing is frankly signaling to people who mean to do us harm how to evade and avoid intelligence and other
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techniques. that is not going to make our world safer, it is going to make our world more dangerous. the european parliament going to make remedies in the eu seeking reparations from the treasury. i don't think you can say there has been across the board impact. adding i think it has been unique to some circumstances. adding, we will have to do work frankly to put on a stronger footing on the other end of this. that the u.s. is conducting surveillance in reporting over the last five months. that is when edward snowden leaked it to the washington post. the u.s. government is not
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operating unrestraiunrestrained. all three branchs of government our intelligence community has more restrictions and oversights than any other country in history. german chancellor called on the u.s. to fin aalize a no spying pact. maryland's attorney general in some hot water after he was photographed in the middle of a wild teen party. dog loss he said he stopped int if this teen was drinking and left. >> what i could have done was investigate whether there was drinking going on and taken action on that and for that i
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probably should have done that in hindsight certainly. though, what i did doe was go through there and talk to my son and leave. >> let's take this to our manel panel. all right andy, let me start with you on this. what did he think was inside these red plastic cups. i think first he said kool-aide. don't we all know it is beer? >> for all we know it was kool-aide. why would you possibly think that at a party at the beach people would be drinking beer. i have no idea. no, this is classic politician behavior. i guy has called for parents to stop their kids from under aged
11:36 am
drinking. this is what politicians do. this is mike bloomberg all over again. >> when he was found out he said he had no moral responsibility to stop the drinking because it wasn't his house, his party or his state and he is running for governor. >> i'm the top law enforcement guy and this is not my state. >> i think more pictures are going to surface him. one of him inside of a bank vault being robbed but it won't be in his state. it is amazing. the first excuse was crazy. >> so, he has now come forward as we saw and saying that he is sorry for this. is that good enough do you think people will let this pass? >> he says he is responsible for this kid. he left this kid there.
11:37 am
it was cool i lefleft. so he is a parent. who is i texting pictures to? he had the phone in hand. was he texting anthony weiner? >> don't show up as your teen son's party. that is like the worst thing you can do as a parent. got to move onto what a teacher did. so apparently it was one of the student's birthdays. brought him to his house gave him some booze and he had the bright idea let's go to a strip club. >> this goes to what you said about parents wanting to be friends instead of parents. they think it is more important to be friends with students and kids in that they need to be cool. i'm sure they thought these kids would be cool and i will be the
11:38 am
cool teacher. every teacher knows that this is not the right thing to do right? he is fired now but still. >> so he is looking for a job now? >> right. i mean like you are never going to be the cool teacher. besides, he was the chemistry teeper. >> one of the strippers was named magnesium. >> this is the first time that i can remember that a teacher was remembered for best and worst teacher of the year. if he was mine i would say he was cool. he was maybe 31 but still a 17-year-old kid in his brain. it was a dumb dumb thing to do. >> let me ask you this. i'm a little nervous about a
11:39 am
high school chemistry teacher unemployed now. when you read the head line about a high school teacher now. just a strip club. those stories have been more prevalent have they not. >> they risked their lives fighting for their freedom. what happens when they can't come home? companies that are hiring returning vets. pregame blunder by james taylor that is being talked about today. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. >> that good young pitching. that the cardinals have brought with them down the stretch. i'm only in my 60's.
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freezes user files until you pay a $300 ransom, the fda proposing new rules on drugs containing hydrocodone. little blunder by james taylor in the pregame ceremony. ♪ oh say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> well there you have it. some companies committing to hiring our returning veterans. thanks to a few heavy hitters, it is paying off. that is below the rate of 7.2%.
11:44 am
liz mcdonald is here. i thought it was higher than the national average. let's talk about the good news here. there are big heavy hitter companies that are making a pledge. blue chip companies and the names come up. coke is partnered with jp morgan chase. ge, ups everizon and walmart. what we are seeing is these companies are telling fox business and they are not doing it about charity work. it is because it is good for their bottom line. when you think about what a veteran has gone through by serving our country. probably one of the most disciplined kind of careers, you would have good work skills.
11:45 am
why is it so tough for them to find jobs? they don't know where to look. they are not hearing that maybe ups is hiring. they don't know the idea has been out there that maybe the federal government should have a vet data bank. the companies can plug into that data bank and find them. >> i'm sure they would run that really really well. there are a lot of problems with vets getting their again fbenef. i think it is one of the issues that these private companies are stepping up. they have a pledge to hire 100,000 veterans by 2018. any veteran will hire them. by the way, it is worth pointing out too that the white house and the first lady have had a push
11:46 am
to hire the vets by 2014. returning vets are leaders and team builders and not quitters and they have extraordinary things. they are force for extraordinary good already. let's bring that kind of thinking or attitude into the workplace. thank you for bringing us good news here today. new testimony in the trial of the utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. testimony from his own daughter. >> didn't want to any one to think that anyone to think that he murdered my mother. it was so shocking to me. i said why?
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what happened+++
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i think what the prosecutor's office did here was loose this case based on the evidence that they had that they didn't go on with the prosecution. the statute of lame ittations. >> there is no statute for murder. >> her father is still living could charges come against the da for not signing off on this? >> listen, what about jon benet's civil rights? this case is going on 17 years now and nobody has been found guilty or brought to justice in this case. i think they ought to take it away to the boulder county
11:53 am
district attorney's office and turn it over to the state. >> the problem was that the crime seen was destroyed early on. okay that is not going to destroy your case. we can't find out what happened in that house that night. but the district attorney came up with a theory. she was garaded and she had a head injury. >> which means she was strangled. gee know f we know for a fact that she was strangled there was hemorrhaging in the eyes. >> and the intruder theory came about because there was the broken window. somebody speculated that somebody could have broken that after the fact. mystery of a former utah doctor and his mystery.
11:54 am
earlier the youngest daughter found her in the bath tub and she in fact can testify she is 12 now in a limited fashion. what does that mean to you? >> sure she saw her mother in the tub. there were four separate people who testified that they saw her face up in the tub and only he, the husband here said that she was facedown in the tub. i'll tell you, the district attorneys in this case are going to be high fiving. >> youll, that they believe thae is guilty.that they believe thae at the same time there was a mistress who is going to take the stand later on today. >> who actually made comments about killing her. >> the mistress did. >> yes. >> well, it's a very interesting case, and all eyes are on that as well as the jonbenet mystery. 17 years later. >> too long.
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>> great to see you. still ahead on "the real story," a mailman going beyond the call of duty when he spots flames shooting from a house. >> burning like -- >> told me to see if anybody in the house. bold has a huge imagination. a playground of innovation, color, and design. showing up where we least expect it. and taking inspiration from our wildest dreams. because kohler doesn't see the world in fixtures and faucets. it reimagines. coloring our lives in ways only bold could do, it's no wonder the world can't wait to see what kohler does next.
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>> remember we told you how james taylor messed up the national anthem at the world series. we messed up! playing the wrong video. here's the real deal. ♪ oh beautiful, 0 say can you see -- ♪ >> as a former musician, that was a good catch, james. hardly anyone would have noticed that. the cards went on to beat the red sox. now world series tied.
11:59 am
>> michigan mailman giving neither snow nor rain a new meaning. he helped put a fire out on his route in detroit. he saw flames coming from a house. what would you do? the homeowner was inside. the grabbed the garden hose, got work before the firefighters showed up. >> it was a blessing for me to be at that spot at that time. >> he was spraying it back and everything and he knock it down quite a bit. >> he did great. i asked him after it was over, come join us. we're hiring right now. >> he is happy with his current job. once the firefighters showed up he went back to delivering the mail good news. hhh secretary kathleen sebelius saying she doesn't work for the people. calling on resigning. tweeted, she works for the people, all of america. gary page, that's a big problem in washington today. they have forgot hob they really work for. we also heard about the phone
12:00 pm
call, the jail call from the man who confessed in an online video one tweet, your unsympathetic interview was unchristian. >> the news begins anew now on short -- "shepard smith reporting." today, a -- have you heard? two of our closest european allies on the united nations to punish the united states. the details on that. plus building a bigger and better balloon. what is up next for blimps? phil keeting is on it. let's get too it. good friday afternoon to you. first from fox. this friday afternoon. a major break in a case of


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